How Much Money Should I Spend on a Wedding Ring?

When you popped the question, you were standing there with a $50000 princess cut engagement ring in your hand, but now as you two decide to walk down the aisle, you will need another band to mark the start of the new beginning. The wedding band should reflect your style and preferences but should also match the brilliance of the engagement ring you bought earlier.

So the question comes, how much should you spend on a wedding ring. How to decide which the most suited pieces are sold under the diamond wedding bands for women and men? Read this ultimate ring calculation to find out how much should you really put into your wedding bands or later into the anniversary rings for her.

What is the Average Cost for Wedding Rings?

Wedding studies revealed that, on average, the wedding bands make up to 3% of the entire wedding budget. The average wedding ring cost for men is $500, and for women, it’s somewhere around $1000 to 1100.

What should be the Cost of a Wedding Band?

When you search for diamond wedding bands for women and men, obviously, the cost is going to be higher because of the gemstone. The number of diamonds set in a design along with the metal used for it makes all the difference. There are few tips you can consider when deciding the budget for wedding bands.

Style: You will be wearing the wedding ring for years, so make sure it matches your style. Later you can find anniversary rings for her, which are big, chunky or statement pieces, but the wedding ring should be a piece that compliments your look and style preferences.

Compliment to the engagement ring: You want to buy matching wedding bands, but the design you pick doesn’t go well with her engagement ring. What would you do? Well, the ground rule is that the wedding band must match the style of the engagement ring. Whereas, for matching pieces, you can opt to find great deals the next year under diamond anniversary bands for her and him.

Budget: There is no hard rule to spend only 3% of your wedding budget on the rings. You can go higher and decide to cut down the price of the rest of the things on the list. It’s totally up to you. Make sure the piece you purchase is durable, stylish and must compliment the future white, rose, yellow, pink gold anniversary rings that you will be buying for your beloved.

Bottom line

Wedding bands and diamond anniversary bands for her and him are special purchases. You can go under $ 500 or go beyond $2000. It totally depends on your preferences. Make sure you find pieces for which you and your fiancé feel comfortable buying and wearing.


Tips To Buy Perfect Jewelry Gifts For Easter Celebration

Moms are always special, which is why you must always show your love towards them in one way or another. If you are all set to do an online search regarding Easter jewelry gifts for sale, then you have arrived at the right place. As mother’s day is coming around, it’s high time you put in efforts to find the perfect jewelry gift for your mother. Upcoming is a set of tips that you must read and follow to pick the best jewelry gift in a matter of few minutes.

Root Back to Tradition:

Charm bracelets have certainly made a comeback in this digital era, and they will be the best Mother’s day jewelry gift ideas that you can follow this Easter eve to steal your mother’s heart. The best thing about charm bracelets is that you can induce any type of concept into them. For example, you can present a heart with the initials of your mother’s name engraved in it. After opening up such a remarkable time-bound gift your mother shall remain awestruck by the kind of efforts you have put in the first place.

Following the Trend:

Shopping for a jewelry gift shall turn out to be an easy task once you get to know the type of bracelets, necklaces, rings you can invest in the first instance. Upcoming is a set of unique designs and styles from which you can pick the right one that matches the personal style preference of your mother.

  • Family-themed jewelry that hosts the picture of the whole family is a wiser gift idea that can instantly let your mother melt for your love and care towards them.
  • Lockets engraved with pictures of you shall let your mother feel special every other day.
  • Monogram jewelry featuring words like heart-touching words like “love”, “faith” or “hope” will let your mother be proud of you any day. 

Understanding Her Style:

Before searching for the best Jewelry gifts sale before this Easter eve, you need to take note of your mother’s style. She might love non-themed or themed gifts, which you can easily get to know by going through the kind of jewelry collection she has on-board. Have a closer look at all her favorite outfits and the type of colors she has chosen to buy as well. Based on such factors you can wisely find the best jewelry gift.

Best Ways To Propose To A Girl On Valentine’s Day

If actions are louder than words, then putting your best foot forward on this Valentine’s Day will show the depth of your love and passion. Here is a list of how to propose to a girl on Valentine’s Day:

Diamond and Gold Fashion Jewelry
  1. Sweet surprise: Chocolates, cards, and roses might sound cliché’, but this classic method has never failed to impress. You can add your statement to it by getting hand-made chocolates from the best chocolatier in town and wrap them in the most extravagant style. A bottle of champagne and some cupid cards are always welcomed.
  2. Romantic date: While planning for a romantic date at one of the most sophisticated and classy places in town, make sure you have everything personalized for her. From getting the table booked togetting the decorations done, everything should be flawless. Do not forget to take the diamond engagement ring for Valentine’s Day and seal it with your love.
  3. Personalized jewelry gifts: Girls love to be pampered with jewelry gift and if you have made up your mind on proposing your beloved on this Valentine’s Day, then pick some fine personalized jewelry that will enchant her and make her say the three magical words.
  4. Diamond engagement rings: A classic and sophisticated way of proposing to your girlfriend is to surprise her with a diamond engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. While you make her wear the ring, don’t forget to express your emotions by reading some fancy quotes or saying all that comes to your mind when you look at her.
  5. Moissanite engagement rings: Moissanite engagement rings have gathered all the attention over the years because these are less expensive than diamonds, and you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the diamonds in the ring. You can choose amongst Lou Ring, Nora Ring, and Marquise Moissanite Engagement Ring, etc.
  6. Bake together: You are about to make the biggest move of your life on this Valentine’s Day, and what can be a better way of doing it than baking something sweet together. While you put your bakery skills to the test, do not forget to write “I LOVE YOU” on the cake or the dessert you are baking.
Diamond Gold Pendant Designs Set Online AL

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love. Get in touch with us to re-define the meaning of love.

10 Tips for Proposing for Marriage

The biggest milestone in any relationship is the marriage proposal. It is the most exciting moment for both the partners, and that is why everyone makes sure that their marriage proposal is best than others. 

How Can I Propose To My Girlfriend for Marriage?

Let us clear one thing; a marriage proposal needs to be perfect only for you two and not the world. So, whatever engagement proposal ideas during Covid-19 you choose make sure that the outcome livens your partner’s life. 

Now, let’s take a look at a few marriage proposals tips that will make the proposal idea a memorable moment:

1- It may seem outdated, but asking your partner’s parents for their permission before the actual proposal is a sweet gesture. This way, you can be in the good books of your in-laws.

2- It is vital that you know the partner’s taste before jumping in for the preparation. If she loves extravagant things, then choose to call all her favorite people at her favorite place. If she enjoys simplicity, then scan through wedding proposal ideas at home to keep the event intimate. 

3- If you and your partner are practical thinkers, then opt for proposing first and then buying the ring later together as she likes. Or buy the ring based on exchange policy so that you can exchange it if she doesn’t like the design. 

4- Pay attention to your partner’s moods. Don’t propose to her on the day she is stressed or even overwhelmed. 

5- Include memorable things, place, or even songs that happened throughout your relationship to make the day extra special for her.  

6- Don’t jump on the proposal. Instead, build up the situation with a romantic tone. This way, even if you fight on the day of the proposal, you may be able to catch up with her emotions.

7- Avoid doing anything silly like sliding the engagement ring through the fish line, etc. Make the proposal fun. If you keep the proposal is silly, see that your partner has a good sense of humor. 

8- Keep everything simple; don’t go overboard.

9- Know where you keep your ring. Don’t hide it so well that even you forget the hiding spot.

10- If possible, keep the proposal an intimate family affair.  

Bottom Line

You can either make the marriage proposal a family affair or just keep it between you two after scanning the internet for romantic proposal ideas at the beach. Just see to it that you use our marriage proposing tips to ensure that the day ends with big smiles.  

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A Quick Checklist to Buy Unique Earrings

With time, women are becoming smarter, stronger, and more independent than before. In the past few decades, their thought processes and mentality have come a long way, and they have become self-sufficient. Now women are particular about their looks and try out new things when it comes to jewelry. Fancy earringsare also quite popular among ladies, as they give an attractive look even with minimal makeup. 

Gold Earrings 

A beautiful set of shimmering gold earrings can magically transform a woman’s entire look. Earrings of this type come in different lengths, and in any shape, that elongates the face and uplifts your style. Several varieties are available in the gold earring, and each one is different from the other. Pick out a pair that suits you the best, and you can also wear it with any attire. 

Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone earrings are different from the gold earring and are known to be an all-time favorite of women. The gemstone earrings are usually a suitable pair for those who love small earrings with minimal designs. The new collection also has different colors of a gemstone, which you can pair with matching attires. The neutral gems are famous because they can be worn with any dress. 

Chandelier Earrings 

They are not unique but also differ in style. Chandelier earrings are something preferred by girls who love to wear more decorative or heavy designer earrings. Surprisingly, the multi-layered earrings are something that you can wear for a festive season or a wedding night. The sophisticated interweaving of different feathers or stones will draw anyone’s attention. If you are looking for a pair of earrings with a “WOW” factor, chandelier earring is a perfect choice. 

Drop Earrings 

It is a shimmering drop earring, offering a simple look, which you can wear while going for a formal visit. You can also pair this while going to the office or an informal meeting. Long earrings with dark lipstick shade and a minimal blush on will give an authentic look. The newly launched earring collection has ample variety, worthy of taking a look at. 

Buy A Beautiful Pair Of Earrings!

Women are highly attracted to the jewelry, especially when it comes to earrings. Irrespective of gold or gemstone, or any kind, earrings have earned a large fan base among women. Every style is different from the other, and it adds a modern touch to your entire look when you wear it. Therefore, you should take a look at the latest set of earrings being launched. 

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The Importance of Jewelry Repair and Maintenance Services

One’s jewelry is their identity in public. It is an essential part of personal makeover aside from the cosmetics and dress. Buying an exotic watch like a Rolex is not with the intent of regular timekeeping; it is like adding to the dimension of beauty to our daily chore. 

How to Find a Reputable Jewelry Repair Store?

Due to the piling of dust and tarnishing, the jewelry may lose its sheen over a while. The purer the expensive metal is, the softer it is; thus, it may result in the loosening of the links or connectors. It needs repair or polish.

Fast Fix Cheap Jewelry Repairs Store

Here Are Some Points To Consider:

1- Go for a Professional Watch Repair

Just like an ironsmith cannot repair a gold necklace, an ordinary horologist cannot deal with the sophisticated machinery of an exotic watch. Besides the expertise, the uncertified or unbranded horologist may even get into unscrupulous activities with your expensive timepiece. 

We recommend you go for a professional and expert watch repairs from a reputed horological and jewelry shop.

2-Go for an Expeditious Service

Your friends invite you for a party the next evening. You want to get your jewelry fixed the same day. Fortunately, you have the option of same day jewelry repair from some certified jewelry shops in Tuscaloosa AL, Birmingham, Montgomery, Northport, Brookwood, Alabama, and Meridian MS, Columbus, Mississippi. With one day jewelry resizing and repair you can rest assured that you get the Fast fix and have your percept of embellishment and not miss the party you plan to go.

Jewelry Repair Store Near Me

3- Go for Onsite Repair

We know how much we care for our jewelry. With so much going on these days, we don’t want to hand over our precious ornaments to a store we don’t know well. There are On-site jewelry repair close to meThese jewelry stores can send a professional that can visit your home or wedding venue and give you the Quick Jewelry cleaning services in front of you.

4- Go for Online Stores

With the demand and shortage of time, almost all types of services are available online. The reputed, reliable, and certified jewelry store is no exception. Just look up Jewelry repair store near me, and browse through the different tabs to check the points mentioned above for the services you wish to choose. 

It is needless to say that going online is cheap; thus it is trending.

To Conclude

These were some tips for the watch or Jewelry repair shop that can help you optimally. The Source Link:

What Is A Conflict Free Loose Diamond And How To Compare?

You might have heard about four C’s of diamonds which stands for its carat, cut, color, and clarity. Carat denotes weight of the diamond, cut means engineering and finish of a diamond, clarity is luster of a diamond and color is quite obvious. Experts may recommend you to inspect those four C’s while purchasing loose diamonds for sale in Alabama. But, there’s one more C which stands for Conflict free diamond and it‘s as significant as rest of four C’s.

Certified loose diamonds

What Is A Conflict Free Diamond?

Diamonds that are illegally sold to fund war and terror activities are known as conflict, or blood diamonds. Conflict diamonds originate from areas devastated by wars in certain parts of Africa. But, with illegal trade, you may find them anywhere across the globe.

Nonetheless, certified conflict free diamonds are those which are ethically mined and sold. And, they are not at all related to a terror or opposition groups. It’s crucial to buy a conflict free diamond to ensure that you do not support criminal activity in other parts of the world. Therefore, you should shop at retailer who guarantees conflict free diamond. It is illegal to be a part of trade and sale of conflict or blood diamonds. You should confirm that the seller makes a public statement to this effect.

Certified loose diamonds

The Origin of Conflict Free Diamond

Blood diamonds are in existence since decades but they became infamous internationally during Sierra Leone Civil war in the 1990’s. Terrorist groups, who used heinous tactics involving rape and mutilation, funded their activities by smuggling and selling diamonds. The brutality of those events caught the attention of people around the globe and conflict diamond came into the spotlight.

Certified loose diamonds

Later in 2000, representatives from major diamond producing countries in Africa had a meeting and came up with Kimberley process to facilitate a customer to buy loose diamonds online.

The Kimberley Process

Diamond industry got united with UN and other organizations to create the Kimberly process. It is a process that certifies the diamond to be conflict free. It allows the participating countries to closely watch the diamonds from the time they are mined until their sale. Each shipment of incoming GIA, AGS, IGI and EGL certified loose diamond then receives a Kimberley certification, which assures that diamonds are conflict free.

To Sign Off

To stop the smuggling of blood diamonds and bring conflict free diamonds in market, Kimberley process took birth. If you want to purchase certified loose diamonds inTuscaloosa AL, Birmingham, Montgomery, Northport, and Brookwood, Alabama, then ask the retailer for the Kimberley certification of that jewelry.

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Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring as per the Best Style

When it is the question of selecting an engagement ring for your partner, you would not choose in hurry. There are times when you may decide to Design your own engagement ring and in such case, you will have to know about the different styles of the ring that are trendy and also the ones that are unique.

So you may try to check out some styles of the engagement ring that you may want to present to your partner:

Create Your Own Diamond Wedding Ring MS

Prong Setting –

This one is the common one that you may find in many engagement rings. There is a prong or a claw made of metals that hold the diamond of the ring in place. The shape of the prong differs but they elevate the stone and you notice it easily. This is also easy to clean and allows light through it to enhance the brilliance of the diamond.

Tiffany Style –

When you are eager to Design your own diamond ring – this setting is very popular among people who love diamonds. This style was introduced by Tiffany and it has the diamond in a 6 prong style. The light that reflects is heightened and the designs of the prong add brilliance to the ring.

Bezel Style –

This style has got the diamond surrounded by a metal band. Often the metal band does not cover the circumference of the diamond completely – these are partial settings of bezel style.

Halo Rings –

These rings have a stone at the center and smaller stones all around the bigger central stone. These are perfect for you – if you like a big ring that would be attractive too.

Twisted Rings for Engagement –

These are very chic to look at and give a modern shape to the band. The band is twisted and you can create your own wedding ring with this style by adding a solitaire stone on the band.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring AL

Pave Style –

This style name is French and the meaning is ‘paved’ – where the stones chosen are small and set closely all around the ring. You shall not be able to see the metal of the ring when the stones are paved in such manner. This gives a sparkle to the hand for which you choose your own ring styles.

You can find best jewelry store to design your own diamond engagement ring nearby Tuscaloosa AL, Birmingham, Montgomery, Northport and Brookwood, Alabama.

There are few other choices of style when you build your own diamond ring. You shall find the Cathedral style and the Tension style, The Channel and the Bar settings are also good for people who wants something with a single stone. You can also check the styles from the best online stores that can help you to find out the ring that you are eager to buy.

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5 Ways to Express Your Love with the Perfect Ring

Diamond rings are best to express your affection towards your partner. They are simple, elegant, mesmerizing, and never out of style. The challenge is to choose the perfect diamond ring among so many other beautiful rings. Buying diamond engagement rings for men with the perfect blend of a sleek look is quite overwhelming.

Everyone’s diamond ring search is unique and exhilarating. You must go through the best diamond bridal rings collection to get a flawless ring that will blend with the gown and your partner can wear it gracefully.

Here are a few things you should look at when buying the perfect ring for your partner.

1 – Budget plan

You must prepare a budget plan before you start looking for a ring. Many stores have offers such as diamond anniversary rings for sale, that can help you purchase your perfect ring.

2 – Quality Check

Ensure you check the quality of your diamond before making a purchase. You need to look for the precision and style of cut – how deep and angled the cuts are, the clarity – whether it is flawless or it has scratch marks, color – clear or yellowish, and carat – the weight of your diamond.

3 – Metal Preference

Make sure you discuss with your partner about their metal preference. When you buy a diamond engagement ring for women, ensure you know that whether they want their diamond on a gold ring or silver. Get your partner involved, if you want to surprise them, take the help of a close friend or family member.

4 – Certified

Always remember to check that your purchased diamond is certified. It must contain the exact dimension and weight of your diamond. You must keep this certificate safe.

5 – Insured

After purchasing a diamond ring, ensure that you have added it to your insurance policy. It is an added investment and this will safeguard if god forbid the ring is every stolen or lost or just disappears mysteriously. This will help you file a claim to the insurance company.


Diamond rings make every moment so special and memorable. Whether it is for a proposal or anniversary, they are perfect for every occasion. Yes, it has its benefits both financially and brings immense joy to wear it. These few points will guide you throughout the process of purchasing the perfect ring for your partner.

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