What Is A Conflict Free Loose Diamond And How To Compare?

You might have heard about four C’s of diamonds which stands for its carat, cut, color, and clarity. Carat denotes weight of the diamond, cut means engineering and finish of a diamond, clarity is luster of a diamond and color is quite obvious. Experts may recommend you to inspect those four C’s while purchasing loose diamonds for sale in Alabama. But, there’s one more C which stands for Conflict free diamond and it‘s as significant as rest of four C’s.

Certified loose diamonds

What Is A Conflict Free Diamond?

Diamonds that are illegally sold to fund war and terror activities are known as conflict, or blood diamonds. Conflict diamonds originate from areas devastated by wars in certain parts of Africa. But, with illegal trade, you may find them anywhere across the globe.

Nonetheless, certified conflict free diamonds are those which are ethically mined and sold. And, they are not at all related to a terror or opposition groups. It’s crucial to buy a conflict free diamond to ensure that you do not support criminal activity in other parts of the world. Therefore, you should shop at retailer who guarantees conflict free diamond. It is illegal to be a part of trade and sale of conflict or blood diamonds. You should confirm that the seller makes a public statement to this effect.

Certified loose diamonds

The Origin of Conflict Free Diamond

Blood diamonds are in existence since decades but they became infamous internationally during Sierra Leone Civil war in the 1990’s. Terrorist groups, who used heinous tactics involving rape and mutilation, funded their activities by smuggling and selling diamonds. The brutality of those events caught the attention of people around the globe and conflict diamond came into the spotlight.

Certified loose diamonds

Later in 2000, representatives from major diamond producing countries in Africa had a meeting and came up with Kimberley process to facilitate a customer to buy loose diamonds online.

The Kimberley Process

Diamond industry got united with UN and other organizations to create the Kimberly process. It is a process that certifies the diamond to be conflict free. It allows the participating countries to closely watch the diamonds from the time they are mined until their sale. Each shipment of incoming GIA, AGS, IGI and EGL certified loose diamond then receives a Kimberley certification, which assures that diamonds are conflict free.

To Sign Off

To stop the smuggling of blood diamonds and bring conflict free diamonds in market, Kimberley process took birth. If you want to purchase certified loose diamonds inTuscaloosa AL, Birmingham, Montgomery, Northport, and Brookwood, Alabama, then ask the retailer for the Kimberley certification of that jewelry.

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