10 Tips for Proposing for Marriage

The biggest milestone in any relationship is the marriage proposal. It is the most exciting moment for both the partners, and that is why everyone makes sure that their marriage proposal is best than others. 

How Can I Propose To My Girlfriend for Marriage?

Let us clear one thing; a marriage proposal needs to be perfect only for you two and not the world. So, whatever engagement proposal ideas during Covid-19 you choose make sure that the outcome livens your partner’s life. 

Now, let’s take a look at a few marriage proposals tips that will make the proposal idea a memorable moment:

1- It may seem outdated, but asking your partner’s parents for their permission before the actual proposal is a sweet gesture. This way, you can be in the good books of your in-laws.

2- It is vital that you know the partner’s taste before jumping in for the preparation. If she loves extravagant things, then choose to call all her favorite people at her favorite place. If she enjoys simplicity, then scan through wedding proposal ideas at home to keep the event intimate. 

3- If you and your partner are practical thinkers, then opt for proposing first and then buying the ring later together as she likes. Or buy the ring based on exchange policy so that you can exchange it if she doesn’t like the design. 

4- Pay attention to your partner’s moods. Don’t propose to her on the day she is stressed or even overwhelmed. 

5- Include memorable things, place, or even songs that happened throughout your relationship to make the day extra special for her.  

6- Don’t jump on the proposal. Instead, build up the situation with a romantic tone. This way, even if you fight on the day of the proposal, you may be able to catch up with her emotions.

7- Avoid doing anything silly like sliding the engagement ring through the fish line, etc. Make the proposal fun. If you keep the proposal is silly, see that your partner has a good sense of humor. 

8- Keep everything simple; don’t go overboard.

9- Know where you keep your ring. Don’t hide it so well that even you forget the hiding spot.

10- If possible, keep the proposal an intimate family affair.  

Bottom Line

You can either make the marriage proposal a family affair or just keep it between you two after scanning the internet for romantic proposal ideas at the beach. Just see to it that you use our marriage proposing tips to ensure that the day ends with big smiles.  

The Source Link: https://hudson-poole-fine-jewelers.tumblr.com/post/633767265746239488/marriage-proposal-ideas-during-covid-19


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