How Much Money Should I Spend on a Wedding Ring?

When you popped the question, you were standing there with a $50000 princess cut engagement ring in your hand, but now as you two decide to walk down the aisle, you will need another band to mark the start of the new beginning. The wedding band should reflect your style and preferences but should also match the brilliance of the engagement ring you bought earlier.

So the question comes, how much should you spend on a wedding ring. How to decide which the most suited pieces are sold under the diamond wedding bands for women and men? Read this ultimate ring calculation to find out how much should you really put into your wedding bands or later into the anniversary rings for her.

What is the Average Cost for Wedding Rings?

Wedding studies revealed that, on average, the wedding bands make up to 3% of the entire wedding budget. The average wedding ring cost for men is $500, and for women, it’s somewhere around $1000 to 1100.

What should be the Cost of a Wedding Band?

When you search for diamond wedding bands for women and men, obviously, the cost is going to be higher because of the gemstone. The number of diamonds set in a design along with the metal used for it makes all the difference. There are few tips you can consider when deciding the budget for wedding bands.

Style: You will be wearing the wedding ring for years, so make sure it matches your style. Later you can find anniversary rings for her, which are big, chunky or statement pieces, but the wedding ring should be a piece that compliments your look and style preferences.

Compliment to the engagement ring: You want to buy matching wedding bands, but the design you pick doesn’t go well with her engagement ring. What would you do? Well, the ground rule is that the wedding band must match the style of the engagement ring. Whereas, for matching pieces, you can opt to find great deals the next year under diamond anniversary bands for her and him.

Budget: There is no hard rule to spend only 3% of your wedding budget on the rings. You can go higher and decide to cut down the price of the rest of the things on the list. It’s totally up to you. Make sure the piece you purchase is durable, stylish and must compliment the future white, rose, yellow, pink gold anniversary rings that you will be buying for your beloved.

Bottom line

Wedding bands and diamond anniversary bands for her and him are special purchases. You can go under $ 500 or go beyond $2000. It totally depends on your preferences. Make sure you find pieces for which you and your fiancé feel comfortable buying and wearing.


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