Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring as per the Best Style

When it is the question of selecting an engagement ring for your partner, you would not choose in hurry. There are times when you may decide to Design your own engagement ring and in such case, you will have to know about the different styles of the ring that are trendy and also the ones that are unique.

So you may try to check out some styles of the engagement ring that you may want to present to your partner:

Create Your Own Diamond Wedding Ring MS

Prong Setting –

This one is the common one that you may find in many engagement rings. There is a prong or a claw made of metals that hold the diamond of the ring in place. The shape of the prong differs but they elevate the stone and you notice it easily. This is also easy to clean and allows light through it to enhance the brilliance of the diamond.

Tiffany Style –

When you are eager to Design your own diamond ring – this setting is very popular among people who love diamonds. This style was introduced by Tiffany and it has the diamond in a 6 prong style. The light that reflects is heightened and the designs of the prong add brilliance to the ring.

Bezel Style –

This style has got the diamond surrounded by a metal band. Often the metal band does not cover the circumference of the diamond completely – these are partial settings of bezel style.

Halo Rings –

These rings have a stone at the center and smaller stones all around the bigger central stone. These are perfect for you – if you like a big ring that would be attractive too.

Twisted Rings for Engagement –

These are very chic to look at and give a modern shape to the band. The band is twisted and you can create your own wedding ring with this style by adding a solitaire stone on the band.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring AL

Pave Style –

This style name is French and the meaning is ‘paved’ – where the stones chosen are small and set closely all around the ring. You shall not be able to see the metal of the ring when the stones are paved in such manner. This gives a sparkle to the hand for which you choose your own ring styles.

You can find best jewelry store to design your own diamond engagement ring nearby Tuscaloosa AL, Birmingham, Montgomery, Northport and Brookwood, Alabama.

There are few other choices of style when you build your own diamond ring. You shall find the Cathedral style and the Tension style, The Channel and the Bar settings are also good for people who wants something with a single stone. You can also check the styles from the best online stores that can help you to find out the ring that you are eager to buy.

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